Sunny Sunday!!!

Finally, some sunshine…, oops, did I speak too soon???  This weather is going to drive us all crazy.  People are ready to get their gardens going, flowers planted and grass cut.  Problem is, every time they get out side to do something, the darn sun disappears!  Since I’m not able to get out and do it, I sit back and watch.  I’m trying to do the inside work!!!  I still just can’t get rid of this darn cold stuff.  Gonna drive me nuts!!!

Now, what I really want to talk with everyone about is our Racing Team…  I have two grandsons who race go-karts.  They are doing very well with it and hope to someday race Nascar.  Ryan, 13, has been racing for 7 years now.  He has won championships and is winning races…Tyler, 10, is also doing a great job.  This is his 5th year racing.  So, the point to all this is…we are looking for SPONSORS… Depending on the amount you donate, your name will appear on either/or/and the go-karts as well as the go-kart trailer.  We race in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and North Carolina.  I will be getting packages together, listing stats and more information.

Okay, I’m now going to give you all another laughter cartoon!


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