April 7, 2011….Thursday!!!

Well now, it’s 10:30 in the morning and 60 degrees!!!  I can not believe it!  Do you think it will start to get warm now?  I’m certainly hoping so!!!  I’m tired of the cold weather.  My bones just don’t like it one little bit.

Let me see what I can tell you all today…

Only thing going on is me being in pain!!!  I had to go for a “function test” on Tuesday and I am still having trouble moving around.  My grandsons will be racing in North Carolina this weekend and I need to get some food fixed for us!  I need to get moving but my back and legs just don’t want to work!!!  I can’t take my pain medication because then I will be sleeping…always something!

Okay, next project… I am trying to work on my books.  I have to get these sales going folks…Are you spreading the word???  Have you bought my book?  I’m going to get myself busy trying to get a book signing going on here at our local Barnes and Noble.  Anybody have any suggestions about how I go about that???

Next, I’m working on the sequel!!!!  Are you all ready for it????  I have more, much more to do but I’m working on it.  Don’t give up on me!!!



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