Monday…and it’s warm out!!!

Yeah!!!  It’s a warm morning…I am so excited!

We went to Margaretsville, NC this weekend for the grandsons to race their go-karts.  It was supposed to rain here at home but be beautiful there!!!  Guess what??? Mother nature threw us a curve ball.  It rained there!!!  Poor Ryan didn’t even get to race his second race.  He got hit in the first race, his chain came off so he was out of that race and then the rain cancelled his second.  Tyler got to race his but was upset with his self because he didn’t do as well as he wanted.  He did fine but these boys are so hard on themselves!!!  The big money race couldn’t even run so they called it and the way the guys/gals qualified is the way they paid out the money!!!  Boy what a weekend.  At least we ate well!  I had so much food.  We ate and ate and ate!!!

Now, the worse part of the trip…cleaning everything up!  Yuck.  I hate the unpacking and cleaning.  The poor motor home looks like a bomb went off in it!!!  Between the food that was dropped, the mud, and just all the traffic in and out!  That’s camping!!!

Once I get all that done (if I can make it), I will get back to writing… oops, taxes have to be done first!!!  April 18th is fast approaching.  Funny, I can get other people’s taxes done but mine are always the last!  Gotta do that!

Okay, enough said…I will be back soon with more exciting news…

Have a wonderful day!


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