Wacky Wednesday…

Kids, I have been so sick again!  I just can’t get rid of this darn cold.  I don’t know why it wants to hang around!!!  Maybe I’m just sweet that way! hahaha

This crazy weather is driving everybody nuts.  Some sinus, some colds, some pneumonia, and just some of us are plain yucky!!!  I wish I had a cure!!!  I know that one way to get rid of this mess…go to Florida and lay in the sun!!!  I could go to my sister’s in AZ.  It’s always warm out there!!!  Remember, it’s a DRY heat!!! hahahaha Kathy!

However, it is the truth.  My joints don’t ache when I’m there either!!!

So, let me tell you about how I’m procrastinating today!!!  I still don’t have my taxes done…I am thinking about selling my homemade oatmeal raisin cookies…I have got to get editing my book…and last but certainly not least, I need to work on the sequel to Waking Up.  I just can not get my butt up and moving.  I feel so bad.  The cold meds make me sleepy.  I probably need to sleep anyway.  I don’t sleep very well at night.  My bones ache like I’m 100 years old.  I’m a mess.

Oh well, it will be better tomorrow, I hope!!!


2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday…

  1. Feel better soon! I just got over a heck of a head cold that irritated a back injury with the coughing, and am having a hard time getting my feet back under me. I’m not having fun with my taxes this year — a kajillion schedules and complicated paperwork due to the move.

    At least I got my round of edits back to the editor yesterday — phew! Hopefully the rest are just tweaks!

    Feel better soon.

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