Once again, it’s Wednesday…

Sorry I’ve been slacking folks!!!  I am so busy with this baking stuff!!!  Cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, cupcakes, fudge, you name it, I’ve been baking it.  For some reason, suddenly, people are wanting to buy baked goods!!!  Of course, I’m not making any money but I do love to bake.

The kids are really enjoying all of it!  I shouldn’t let them eat all of it, they are going to weigh a ton!

Since Easter is here, I really am getting busy.  I have to get my bunny cake made… hehehe, all the kids like that.  The food is always good at Easter dinner.  What are you all having?  Are you getting together with your families?  Are you going out to eat?  Whatcha gonna do???  My husbands family always has a big dinner with everyone at the church hall.  There are just too many of us now to go to one house.  The family keeps growing and growing,  and growing!  I can’t believe how old I’m getting.  Oh well, at least I wake up in the morning!

Now is the time for us to all be happy about what we have.  Not what we don’t.  Share stories with the young people.  They really do enjoy hearing some of the old traditions.  I know my children and their spouses really do like hearing some of the elders tell their tales from years past!

Well, I have to get busy…Lots to make…



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