January 20, 2012

Do you ever get the feeling that the devil is after you??? Well, I really have been through it. First trouble with the insurance, then my doctor can no longer practice, then my son decides to get himself mixed up in things he shouldn’t, I go through a terrible bout of depression, the stomach flu and now I’ve gotten a terrible cold.
I’m gonna fight this mess just like I do everything else…It has got to get better! hehehehe…
My husband wants to take me on vacation, just to get away from it all. He knows I can’t walk very far so it has to be somewhere that I can either use a wheelchair or just not have much walking involved! My grandchildren are wanting us to take them somewhere while they are off for Easter break. I hate not feeling like I can do anything. I’m the one who has to sit back and watch everybody else have a good time. I’m too young for all of this mess…
Oh well, I guess the Lord has a reason for it. I just don’t know what it is just yet. At least I don’t “look” sick!!! I’m like my mother now…she used to say that she wanted “I told you I was sick” put on her head stone when she passed away. And she did pass away young!
Oh well, I’m not going anywhere any time soon so I will just hang in there!!! I had to get another CT scan of my back done yesterday. I swear, I should own half of all the diagnostic equipment made in this town!! Either that or I’m gonna glow! I know the docs are upset that I can’t have MRI’s any longer!!! (Can’t have them with a pace maker)

Okay, on a happy note…we are almost finished with winter! Only about 60 days until spring…maybe we will get through this year without too much snow and cold weather…We all need to save on these heating bills…keep your fingers crossed!!!
Not much else to talk about today…take care and have a great weekend!!!


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