It’s Suddenly Saturday! November 10,2012

Hello everyone. How is everybody today? Can you all believe Thanksgiving will be here before we know it? I’m telling you, my grandmother told me when I was young, You just wait until you get 21, after that year, time will start to fly by. By the time you are 40, things will go by so fast, you won’t know where time has gone. By time you are 50, you will wake up one morning and wonder where the month went!
I, of course knowing everything then, thought she was just elderly and didn’t know what she was talking about! Now, I’m passed that “50” mark and shoot, I wake up and MONTHS have gone by, not just one month!! hehehe I miss my grandmother. She was definitely a smart woman. Anyway, getting back to Thanksgiving…

I complain every year about how the stores, television, and just people in general forget Thanksgiving. We go right from “back to school” to Christmas, I believe. I know the time can be short to get everything straight but dang…by the time Christmas does get here people are almost tired of hearing about it.

It’s funny (not funny ha-ha but funny strange), how people will start their decorating for Christmas the first day of October. I have seen Christmas lights up and on for weeks now. Then, December 26th, it’s gone, forgotten about, over…Children are out of school a day or so before Christmas and then the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s hard to go to everyone’s house before Christmas because of us trying to get everything done for Christmas day. By the time Christmas day gets here, any of us that have children and grandchildren, can’t go visit everyone you would like to visit. Then when you do get there, it’s as if Christmas never happened. Everything is gone, taken down and put away. Now what is up with that???
I tried to have breakfast Christmas morning for people as they come in. That means my husband and I try to go to the youngest grandchildren first thing in the morning (they still want us to be there to see what Santa brought them, and to see what we got them!), rush home, and start cooking. Then people start stopping by. Some years we were cooking until noon. Well, by the time we had gotten up at five (grand-daughter calls about then!), fed the ones who stop by, we are ready for a nap. Then it’s to one of the sisters for Christmas dinner. It’s time for bed after all that. Which means, I haven’t had a chance to go visit anyone. I try to go the next day but when I do, everything has been put away. Sometimes the Christmas tree will still be up. Many times this is due to people being ready to “get their home back in shape”, but many times it’s because they are sick of the Christmas stuff. It’s been out since Halloween.

That’s my first gripe. Now my second…

Are young people today teaching their children the true meaning of Christmas? I know we all want to give something to every family member but that isn’t necessary. Many of us don’t have the money to buy gifts for each and everyone. It’s different when it’s just you and your immediate family. Families grow. You have the children, grandchildren, parents, (some blessed with still having grandparents), sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, then their children. I know at one point I was buying over 50 gifts. You don’t want to just buy something for the sake of them having something to open. Money is too hard to come by to spend it on something you know will either go in the “re-gift” pile or closet never to be seen again.

We decided a couple of years ago to only buy for our children and grandchildren. We told all family members to please stop buying for us. It wasn’t necessary. Most of the time people get what they want all year-long anyway. We didn’t make this decision to hurt anyone’s feelings. We did it because no one could afford to buy so much. Christmas shouldn’t be a stressful time, worrying about how you are going to pay for everything. It shouldn’t be a time worrying about having something for everyone to open. Christmas is about family, being together, celebrating the birth of Christ. It means more to us to have everyone together than any “present” we could open.

Life is short. We need to celebrate the ones we have in our lives. Be thankful for what we have, and who we have in our lives, not the material things. I would give anything to have my parents, my husbands parents and other loved ones I have lost, back with me for just one day. Just one day to tell them how much I miss them, how much I miss their wisdom, how much I miss their love. Then to tell them just how much I love them. Now that would be a present!!! However, I do know that one day, we will be together again.

We all get so involved with our own lives that we forget the importance of family. It’s not that we do it on purpose, it just happens. The kids are involved in many activities, the parents work, try to get dinner, homework done, get everyone ready for bed, and struggle for a few minutes to even “talk” to the kids, find out how their day went, and just what is going on in their lives. When the weekend rolls around, everything that needs to be done around the house that was neglected all week, we try to do. Sunday is a day we try to do something with the children, watch a movie, go to the park, go for a walk, something, anything. I do understand all of this, really I do. I just wish there was a way we could all just slow down.

Okay, I’m going to get off my soap box. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. I’m just asking, take the time, if it’s only five minutes, pick up the phone and CALL, not text, tweet, email, the ones that are important in your life and say “Hello”, ask them how they are, tell them you love them!  Enjoy the holidays, food and family!!

Christmas needs to be made a HAPPY time again. Forgo the presents and give the best gift of all, “Hello, I love you, and I miss you. Tell the person how the kids are, what they are involved in, how things are going!!!


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