Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yeah, it’s “Hump” day!  I know all of you who have to leave home and go to work are glad of today.  Half the work week gone.  Of course, the same is true for those that work from home.  But what about the ones that work seven days a week?

I need people to understand that there are those of us who don’t make ‘millions’ of dollars, yet work everyday of the week.  We may be working on crafts for Christmas gifts or craft shows, we may be a painter struggling to be “found”, or, like me, we may be a writer.

We all know the ‘famous’ people.  The ones whose works everyone knows.  Just remember, most of them started just as I have.  We work everyday on our projects.  Even when we do have a wonderful turn out at the craft fair, or sell our first piece of artwork, or get our first book published, it doesn’t mean we can stop now because the public will now know who we are.  It doesn’t mean the phone will be ringing off the hook for those wanting more of our works.  It means we have to work that much harder to turn out a better piece of work than the first.  Each painting, each craft, each book, has to become better.  We have to get our name out there.  Therefore, we have to work hard everyday.

There is no “hump” day for us ‘creative’ people.  We may not work nine to five Monday through Friday, but I guarantee we work more hours.  Many will ask, “Why do you do it?”  “Why do you work so hard and not make any money?”  “You do all this everyday, do you really think you are going to be famous?”

The answer:  Because we LOVE our jobs. We LOVE what we do.  And maybe someday, just maybe, I will make some money at my craft.  But if I don’t….it’s all okay!  I’m having fun!

When you enjoy what you do, you usually do it well!!!

Have a great “Hump” day!!!


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