Magical Monday! November 26, 2012

I want to just give everyone an update on me!!! (Hope I’m not boring ya all!!)

I want to THANK each and every one of you for all the prayers during my surgery and recovery. It will be two weeks, since my surgery, this Thursday! I go back to the doctor this Thursday for my first check up. I had such a rough time for the first few days. (I know one thing, I will tell anyone having this done, STAY OVER NIGHT AT THE HOSPITAL!!! I thought, (first mistake!), that since I have had so many surgeries, including two previous back surgeries, that I would be fine coming home after the surgery. Oh boy was that wrong!!! After all the numbness wore off, I had terrible muscle spasms. They took my breath away. I was really in a terrible way that first day after surgery.

For those of you that don’t know, I have had NUMEROUS surgeries, therefore, I have chronic pain. Some of my surgeries include 2 back, 3 hip, 2 shoulder, jaw, and a pace maker, just since June 2005. This surgery that I had November 15th was to have a permanent spinal simulator implanted. What they do is go into the thoracic part of your back (middle way on the back, about where the bra strap comes around!) and take off the bony part. (Laminectomy) Then, they put a lead (wire) about the size of your little finger around, into your spinal cord. The leads are then fed down the back to above the butt cheek where the battery pack is implanted. The wires are plugged into the battery pack and both incisions are closed. It means about a 4 inch incision in the back and about a 3 inch incision on the top of the behind!! I’m gonna be cute when I have to charge this battery!!! (A paddle is placed on my behind and then plugged into the wall to charge the battery pack!!)

Anyway…..what this contraption does is cause you to have a “vibration” feeling from just about under the breasts to the bottom of your feet. I have a remote that I can change the stimulation, make it stronger or weaker. This “blocks” the pain sensors from reaching your brain, therefore, you don’t feel as much pain. The purpose is to hopefully get me off the narcotics I now have to take in order to survive! When I had the temporary simulator, it worked wonderfully. The permanent simulator is much stronger. I don’t have to turn it up as high to get the same results. I am just so excited. I HATE having to take so many medications. It really is just no life. I either had to take all the pills to control the pain, then sit around like a dope (which isn’t living) or not take the medication in order to understand what was going on around me, but have to stay in bed because of the horrific pain (which isn’t living). So, you see, I have not had much of a life for a long time. This simulator is actually giving me my life back.

I have gone to pain management for  a while. The one doctor I was seeing was no longer allowed to prescribe medications. Last Christmas was the worse for me ever. I was going through withdrawal. There were so many patients around here trying to find another pain management doctor (I think there are 3 in this area!), that it was taking months to get an appointment. The primary doctors wouldn’t prescribe the narcotics because they said it had to be done by pain management! Terrible cycle. Because of this, I went through withdrawal, no different from any drug addict going through the same because of heroin. Finally, I got in with the doctor I have now. The next problem was my pacemaker! Trying to figure out if this simulator would interfere with the pacer. What a pain!!! The approval came through!!! I had the trial, then, after two months of waiting, was able to have the permanent simulator!!!!!!!

So, I am really doing so much better. It’s a Christmas miracle! Last year was the worse, this year will be the best.

For anyone out there reading this…don’t ever give up. My prayers have been answered. I am entirely to young to not be able to do anything but sit around taking up space. My husband has had to wait on me hand and foot for too many years. Don’t get me wrong, I had some good days. The problem was, I would do too much and end up in bed for 3 or 4 days. I just never knew when I would have another ‘good’ day and would end up overdoing it. But now, I can see an end in sight. I was always such an outdoors person. Hopefully now I will be able to get back to that.

I have six to eight weeks where I can’t don anything but walk. No bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, or twisting. I can’t lift more than five pounds. At least I know that after the leads have stabilized. I should be back to the “old” me!!!

Keep praying. Everyone needs to realize we don’t get what we want, we get what we need and all in good time. The one lesson I really have learned through all of this is patience. One thing I have never had, patience.



5 thoughts on “Magical Monday! November 26, 2012

  1. I just read “Magical Monday” and I sincerely hope that you will have a much better Christmas this year and the rest of your life will be pain free and pain medicine free. I do not know what you are going through personally but my husband has and is going through a lot of pain. He had both knees replaced in 2008, back surgery in 2009, and heart surgery this past January. Now his low back gives him pain and his shoulder keeps him from sleeping well. It seems it goes from one thing to another so I can truly sympathize with you. I pray that you will continue on the road to recovery.

    • Thank you for comment Felda. I am so sorry your husband, and you have to go through all this. I know it has been just as hard on my husband sometimes as me!!!

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