Fabulous Friday!!! November 30, 2012

Okay…I’m going to try this again!  I just wrote a long blog and it went into computer cyber space! I guess I better not make this one so long!! hehehe

Anyway, I explained some of all my issues in my last blog but I want to again, get this message out to everyone.  DON’T EVER STOP BEING AN ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF…

I have been on narcotic pain medication since 2005.  Even after the surgeries, I had to take the pain medications.  I have been going to pain management doctors, trying to figure out what combination of medication would allow me to function with a minimal amount of pain.  I’m not even going to list all the medications, there are just too many but the end result has been that I take all these narcotics just to have pain at a level I could tolerate.  The catch has been, if I get the pain to a tolerable level, I was in bed because I couldn’t function under the influence of the drugs.  If I didn’t take the drugs, so that I could function, I couldn’t function because of the pain.  Such a darn viscous cycle.  Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I would have a day here and there where I thought, well, I can survive today without all the medication.  Then I would over do  and end up in bed for 3 or 4 days.  It has been so depressing.  What kind of life is that.  Half knocked out on drugs, or suffering with pain.  It’s no life.  When you have to have your husband, or wife, help you get dressed, because the pain is so bad…, I mean, I had days when I could barely brush my own teeth.

Not only do you fight the constant back and forth with pain medications, I had to fight with the insurance disability company.  I mean, you pay for long term disability, so if something like this happens, at least you get some pay.  I am even getting Social Security Disability.  They say I’m disabled but the insurance company says I can work because I can work on the computer a few hours a day!  I wonder if they would want me working on the floor (I’m a nurse), and take care of their loved one!  I wouldn’t even want to take care of my own loved one!! hahaha

But these are the things you have to deal with if you are disabled.  But I won’t say anymore about that now…..

I started seeing Dr. Dayton-Jones for pain management.  My medications had to be changed, increased, more medications added, etc.  I had been told by my previous pain management doctor, about the spinal stimulator.  He tried to get me approved but because I had a pace maker, I wasn’t a candidate.  I didn’t give up.  When I saw the new physician, she also talked to me about the stimulator.  I worked with my cardiologist and the representative from Boston Scientific (company for the pacemaker) to get approval.  Finally, Dr. Frey cleared me for the trial stimulator!!!  The purpose of the stimulator is to block the pain sensors going to the brain.  Kinda fooling the body.

In September of this year, Dr. Dayton-Jones implanted the temporary stimulator.  I felt immediate relief.  I was to continue with my medications while using the stimulator.  The idea is that if the stimulator can reduce the pain in half with the meds, it will do the same without meds.  So lets say, on a scale of 1 to 10, your pain is an 8, with the stimulator, it will drop to a 4.  Now, I’m not normal, as we all know, and my pain dropped further than half.  I thought I could do cartwheels!!! I kept the stimulator for a week.  Then the temporary had to come out (risk of infection).  I literally cried.  I hadn’t felt this good in years.  It was terrible knowing I was going to have to go back to that pain.  They promised me I wouldn’t have to wait long for the permanent stimulator to be implanted.  Now, this is a major back surgery but I can’t tell you how happy I was to be having another surgery.  I knew this one was going to be a life changing surgery, one that was going to make me feel human again!  Surgery was scheduled for November 15th, I couldn’t wait!

Now lets jump ahead to present day.  I went yesterday for my two week check up.  People, let me tell you,  Dr. McGovern has to be the best doctor I have seen in a very long, long, time.  Todd with St. Judes is also WONDERFUL!  These two men have given me my life back!  I feel like I am going to be a whole person again!  There is no way I could ever repay them.

Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart!


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