Suddenly Saturday…

What a tragedy everyone around the United States is facing today. How can any of us fathom all that is going on in the lives of all these victims in CT? I have no way to even suggest that I understand. I have never in my 54 years had to go through anything of this nature.

Prayers, and more prayers is about all we can do at this time. So why, someone tell me why, people want to take GOD out of our schools? Of all places? These children, teachers and staff that have survived this terrible act, will have to one day go back to school. How in our right minds can we tell them it is a safe place? School will never be a “safe” place for these people. It should be but with the many schools that have been affected by someone with “mental” issues; when, where, is this going to happen again?

Is the answer to have guards at the doors? Metal detectors at each door, someone to “wand” any and everybody entering? I can not imagine that. It shouldn’t have to be that way. What can we do?


I do and always will believe in the power of prayer. I also believe that people, most people, don’t think the way this 20 year old boy did. To say he had “mental” issues, is not questioned at all. As I said, anybody who would do such a thing has to have “mental” issues…  He killed his own mother.  What was bothering this boy that much for him to do such a thing?  We will never know, I’m sure.

All I can offer to this town, is prayer.  I will keep them all in my thoughts and prayers.

Please hug your children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and of your family members, even your neighbors.  Just a plain HUG can do wonders.  It lets us know you care!


Remember this is just my opinion.  I realize not everyone believes in the “GOD” I believe in but whom ever you pray to, PLEASE, PLEASE  continue to lift this community up!

Thank you all so very much for reading my blogs.  Feel free to leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “Suddenly Saturday…

  1. I, too, believe in the power of prayer. through prayer, we open our own hearts even further. Through prayer, in seeking God’s comfort for others, we gain it for ourselves. Through prayer, we can be guided by the Lord’s own hand as to what to do next. I am joining you in your prayers today, all those who pray. And for those who believe differently, I am joining you in your loving thoughts.

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