Suddenly Sunday!!

I know I have been slacking here lately but I’ve had so much on my mind, I just don’t know how to start!!

I have decided to be positive here today on this wonderful Sunday.  Sometimes I just worry myself over so many things that I just can’t control.  That’s just who I am!  I’m trying to cut much of that out.  So, on to some good news..

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends.  They keep me sane…if that’s possible, hehe….  My husband keeps me grounded and pushes me to do the things he knows I love to do but sometimes just put them to the side.  The one thing I truly love to do is write.  As you know I have one book published, Waking Up.  I know there are mistakes in this book, even though it was gone through many times, seems like some boo boo’s just slip through the cracks! Oh well, nobody is perfect.

Now, I am working on another manuscript.  “A Passage in the Dark”.  I paid a lot of money to have this book edited and I sent it to a “traditional” publisher, not before I had others read it.  Oh my, so many mistakes!! 

Over a year ago I was invited to join a writing group, Master Koda.  Oh my, what a wonderful, wonderful group of people.  There are writers, publishers, editors, book cover designers, and everyone in between!  Some people are published, others are not.  It doesn’t matter.  Everybody helps everyone else out.  Anyway, I am taking a writing workshop with the owner of MasterKoda, Kim Emerson, and after only one class I can tell you I have a lot to learn!  This class is going to be one of the best I have ever taken. (My husband said I should be a professional student!)  Due to just one class and what I learned from it, I have decided to rewrite my manuscript.  I will keep the “plot”, but I really do need to do so much “tweeking” that I think it will be much easier to rewrite instead of edit!  I have never had any formal classes in literature.  Just the normal classes you have to take with any degree.  I have just always written.  From a young girl in elementary school. 

I guess my whole point it, we need to all do what is in our heart.  It doesn’t matter how old or young we are.  If you have always wanted to play the piano, take lessons, if you have always wanted to sing, take singing lessons, if you have always wanted to write, do it!!! 

I believe we were all put here on earth for a reason.  We have minds of our own and we need to do what is in our heart.  Use the talents the good Lord gave us!!! Be thankful for what you have.  If you want something else, go for it.  You are never to old to go for it!!


4 thoughts on “Suddenly Sunday!!

  1. This is a wonderful post, Terri. I’m glad I clicked through from Master Koda to read it today. 🙂 We’re never too old to go for it! I so agree with that statement.

    • Thank you so much Jane. I have met such wonderful people in the MK group. And I hope to become a “great” writer, when I grow up! lol

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