Finally Friday!!!

I just want to remind everyone about how much your words and/or actions can change a person’s feelings.  We all live such busy lives but when you give someone a complement, do something for them without them asking, volunteer to help them with something, or just make an effort to say “hello, have a nice day”, you can change their entire mood.  We all get so wrapped up in what we are doing, or what we need to do and forget to do this. Life is so very short.  We don’t any want to say to ourselves that we wished we had gone to see “Aunt Judy” yesterday like we had planned to do and her pass away that night.  It’s too late then.  We don’t any know when our number will come up.  The older I get, the more I’m reading obituaries of people my age or that I know.  I’m not that old!!!  I guess I think we are all going to live to be 100! The other day I was trying to help my husband cut grass.  I was riding on one mower and my husband was pushing.  I got thinking how my mother would say, “I’m 55 years old, I’m too old to be doing that”.  I thought that was the craziest thing in the world for her to say!  (I lost my mother when she was only 65.)  Let me tell you, I had to stop.  I was so hot and tired.  I’m just not able to do little things that I once took for granted.  When did I get old?? Another thing, we don’t know everything going on in a person’s life.  There are those that are great at leaving their home life at home and work life at work.  This person could be having a terrible time at home and us never know it.  A kind word or gesture may just make their day! It’s like that story that has been told so many times about the child walking home from school.  He dropped his books and papers all over the ground when another child walked up and helped him pick everything up.  They became friends and when the boy spoke at their graduation from high school, he told the story about that day.  He had cleaned out his locker, written a note to his mother, and planned to take his life that very day.  The child who helped him couldn’t believe his ears.  All he did was help him pick up his things… We just never know how our actions can change another persons thoughts and/or actions! Okay, I’m going to stop “preaching” now!!  Just remember to give someone an “ataboy” or a helping hand today…you never know, you may save a life!!!


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