Folks…do you all realize that we are never to old to learn??? Really??? When we get in our ruts, as we all do, take up a different hobby. No one is too old to learn a new skill, no matter how big or small. As this world continues to move so fast (you know I’m old), we sometimes forget that if we don’t take care of ourselves, well, who else is going to??? I have many, many different hobbies. Years and years ago, I thought I was going to one day become a writer. I have always loved to write, stories are constantly running around in my head! I knew that writing wasn’t going to pay the bills so, of course, it got put on the back burner. Since 2005, I have had many health issues which have kept me from working. About five years ago, I thought what the heck. I was going to give this writing thing a try. At first I didn’t work on it every day, sometimes months would go by before I would pick it up again. I had a friend who helped me out by suggesting different ways to say things I wanted to say. Again, I let things go for almost another year. What I’m doing now is writing everyday. I may not write much but at least I work on it. I have joined a group, Masterkoda. The “leader of the pack” is Kim Emerson. She is a wonderful, wonderful friend, teacher, mentor, and just all around good person. There are so many members that have “taken me under their wing” so to speak, that I can’t possibly list them all. My point to all of this is…DO SOMETHING! Don’t be afraid to step out and try something you have always wanted to do. Will I become a famous author? I seriously doubt it, do I care about that, NOT at all. Writing has become my therapy. I can forget all about the stress surrounding the world and get into my story. I guess I’m trying to get you all to find something you would like to do, take the first step, and just do it. It could be yoga, knitting, sewing, exercising, reading, or yes, even writing. There are people out there to help. I am finding that they really don’t mind helping me (even tho I know I’m a pain sometimes!!). Take care of you… Do for yourself…It will make you a better person in the long run, and more willing to do for other people!! Love to you all…Thank you so very much for reading my ramblings!!


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