Finally Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  Without going into a lot, I’ve had a lot going on!!  But today I really want to get opinions from everyone.  I know I’m old, but I really do want to know the majority’s opinion.  Please remember, this is just a study I’m doing personally.  I am not saying anyone is right or wrong…  Inquiring minds want to know!!!  Okay, here goes….


Should people post their every move on FB???  Do we really care if someone went to the bathroom today?  And, when someone does respond to their post, should the person get mad? 

In my opinion, and it’s only an opinion, there are some things that just don’t need to be announced for the world to read.  I don’t think people need to know all of our personal information.  People can find out enough about us, any time they choose.

Then, when someone responds to our post, what gives us the right to get mad or upset?  We put it out there!  Now, I will admit, there are probably posts I’ve made that well, maybe I shouldn’t have.  You see, I have a problem with speaking before I think!!  But usually, if I post something about my personal life, it’s because I am asking for prayers.  I firmly believe in the power of prayer…Believe me people, it works!!!  I really appreciate when people message me and tell me that I have gone too far with a post.  I then would promptly delete it!!  (I haven’t had to do that yet, but I would!!)

Please comment, let me know how you feel about this…  I am going to be charting the answers.  I think this would be wonderful information for everyone!!!

Thanks, friends, in advance for all your help!!!


8 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. I totally agree with you, Terri, and sometimes I wonder how people ever get anything done around the house, or at work, or even in their relationships when they need to tell the world they just ate a sandwich, washed dirty socks, and tried a new twist for getting fleas off of the dog.

    I often see people very close to me posting about spats with their spouses, arguments with their children, and neighbors who are less well off than they are. If someone says, “You could do better.” or “Why are you still there?” it becomes a major issue.

    Personally, I don’t want everyone to know if I spent more money than I had in my account, or if mother nature is paying a visit, or if I had to purchase new underwear to fit my expanding assets. Now if someone I went to school with as a teenager is doing the same things….that might be interesting….:)

    • Haha…Dianna, so true!!! That is exactly how I feel!! Of course, when I say anything, I’m the bitch!! There is enough information out there about all of us!!!
      Thank you so much for leaving this wonderful comment!!!

  2. I am certainly guilty of giving too much away on FB but it can be so much fun only I don’t give away anything I don’t want getting out into the universe. I put it all out there and choose my information wisely…I mean what feels wise to me. I am chatty and an open book at times so I know I set myself up for criticism. I do agree that people do put up some pretty distasteful information up for the world to see. It borders on ridiculous, for sure!

    The great thing about getting older is that we are all free to be whoever we want. I love sharing as I do and find it fulfilling though I don’t think it works for everyone! To each his own I would say!!!

    Okay, time to brush my teeth….hahahaahahahah!!! Just playing!!! I did that already! 😉

    • Ha ha ha Brenda!!! I know what you mean! I love to “share” things that happen to me. I love the prayers I get when I’m having pain or “bad” things happening to me. We all just need to remember, not only OUR friends, but their friends and their friends, etc can see what we post!! Now, I need a shower!! hehehe

  3. Terri, I absolutely agree. I think Facebook is about thoughts, things that happen. Not every movement. It is more conversation and debate. Marbe information or a quote we found. It is about sharing. I like it but some posts should not be shared.

  4. Post whatever you want it’s your page , but don’t get mad or upset if someone’s throws their opinion out there! If you don’t want feedback or people to know things don’t put them on FB. Just be prepared for feedback good or bad on whatever you post! There are some very opinionated people out there. Just my thoughts!

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