Why, Why, Why???

Will someone PLEASE, PLEASE tell me why the human race gets upset over some of the strangest things?
It seems that I am always being tested. I try so hard to stay up beat, happy-go-lucky, supportive, funny, and all those sort of things and lurking around the corner will be that one little irritating comment, one little “you are going to be the blunt of this joke”, type thing that will get me every time. I fall for it every single time. I can’t help it that I was brought up in a “cocoon” as my husband says. I don’t understand some of the meanings of some of the 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s songs, sayings, or “initials”. I’m about like my son used to say when he was young, “Mom, why can’t people say what they mean?”.

You know, even as an adult it is very hurtful. So, if it is hurtful as an adult, how do you think it is for a child? Isn’t this what we call bullying? I understand that it isn’t done to “hurt” the persons feelings but when you have people laughing AT you, (there is a difference between laughing AT someone, and laughing WITH someone), it hurts. These are people who are supposed to love you, and truthfully they do. They really don’t mean any harm.

I truly believe, when as adults, they don’t mean it to hurt you. They just don’t get it. I don’t think they think. They can’t believe that you could be that old and live through so much and not understand something that even they understand. But guess what??? Some of us just didn’t listen to that type music, read that type book, watch that type television. Our parents raised us in a different type home. That doesn’t mean they were right and your parents were wrong or vise versa. It was just a different way. Everybody is different. Everybody is not brought up in the same way.

Please, the next time you want to “make fun”, “have a laugh”, think about how it would make you feel. Put yourself in that person’s place. I guess it’s like my father always said, “BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SAY!”.


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