Thank goodness it’s Monday

Mabel, sitting at the kitchen table with her coffee, was humming like a bird as I walked in looking like I had lost my last friend in the world.
“What in the world is wrong with you?”, she asked. I told her for heaven’s sake, didn’t she realize it was Monday?
“Of course it’s Monday, and such a wonderful day it is.” I just looked at her like she had two heads. I asked her if she was kidding me or if she had bumped her head.

Oh boy, that was all it took. I knew her look. She had talked with Bertha and I was getting ready to get and ear full.

You know Bertha and I were TALKING on the phone today. We don’t do that testing. It’s texting Mabel, not testing. Well, whatever it is. We talk. How you people know what you are trying to say is beyond me. You can’t stop long enough to listen to each other. But that’s another subject.
Why do people hate Monday’s? Sunday starts the week. Monday is just another day. Why can’t you be glad that you woke up this morning? What is the difference between today and tomorrow? So you have to go to work. Can’t you be glad you have a job? What about those poor people who go out everyday searching and searching for any job they can get? They would be happy to be able to go to an office with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

I had to stop and think a minute. Things could be so much worse. I can pay my bills. I do have food in my belly, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, gas in my car, shoot, even a car to drive. Why am I complaining.

I gave Mabel a kiss on the cheek. Thanks Mabel, will you call Bertha for me and thank her? I need to get my shower. I have to go to work!

I’m so glad I woke up today. It’s going to be a wonderful Monday!


2 thoughts on “Thank goodness it’s Monday

  1. Jane, I hope you don’t mind me referring to Bertha so much. I truly believe Bertha has been the greatest inspiration in my adult life. Please, please let me know if I am over stepping my bounds! I love you for letting us meet Bertha, Rita, and the entire cast. I say “cast” because I feel this would make such a great sitcom. Boy, I know I wouldn’t miss a single show!
    Love you Jane!

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