What to do first?

I need an organizer. I have the worse time deciding what to keep and what to throw away. I know I’m either late, or early but I’m going to do FALL cleaning instead of SPRING cleaning. I have enough “stuff” in my home to fill another home. I call it organized crap. I am world’s worse when it comes to throwing away some of my craft items. It seems like the minute I do, I will decide to make something out of some of the things I have just gotten rid of.

If I didn’t procrastinate so much…. Then, I am the greatest one to start one project, get bored, put it down, and start something new. That’s not to say I won’t pick the first project back up, it just may be a few months or even the next year before I do.

I would love to know what causes people to be that way, I can’t be the only one…or can I?

Well, I guess I’m still putting off getting out the trash bags… I better get going, it’s not going, this house isn’t going to clean itself!

Hope you all have a great day!!!


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