Here is my interview with Jane Carroll


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Name Jane Carroll

Age 60

Where are you from

I have lived in Alabama all of my life. Most of the time I’ve been in the northwest corner but I’ve also lived in Birmingham and on the Gulf Coast.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc

Wow…I’ve been a registered nurse twice as long as I wasn’t. I know…higher math! And then there’s the simpler stuff. I have two daughters and two granddaughters. Now it sounds like I’m boarding the Ark. For now, I’m happily single but who knows what the future will bring.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I working fast and furious with my publisher Kim Emerson and Rebbekah White of Master Koda Select Publishing to get Becoming Bertha released. Formatting and cover design are almost completed…shouldn’t be long…or maybe it already is!

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I always…

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Bullying…not a good thing



Author Bio:
Hello everyone! I am Donna Dillon: Author, Illustrator, and M&M connoisseur. I am the author of 5 and 1/4 books thus far. I have been writing in the young adult genre with The Snake Pit and Return to the Snake Pit which both deal with bullying in the public schools, and the children’s genre with Why Did It Have to Rain Today? and My Special Christmas Child. My new book is a leap into the thriller/suspense genre so I’m anxious to finish and see how that goes.

Fun facts about Donna:

Five things people might not know about Donna

5 things about myself that few people know:

1. I can ride a unicycle.

2. I can write as fast backwards as I can forward.

3. I once played Miss Mona is a stage production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

4. I can’t breathe through my nose and I have never had a sense of smell. I can taste, though, don’t ask me why, it’s a miystery.

5. When I was 22 I was flown out to Hollywood and made a make up commercial for Victoria Jackson cosmetics that you can still catch on TV late at night. I also met Johnny Depp and had my picture taken with Heavy D on that same trip.




What to do first?

I need an organizer. I have the worse time deciding what to keep and what to throw away. I know I’m either late, or early but I’m going to do FALL cleaning instead of SPRING cleaning. I have enough “stuff” in my home to fill another home. I call it organized crap. I am world’s worse when it comes to throwing away some of my craft items. It seems like the minute I do, I will decide to make something out of some of the things I have just gotten rid of.

If I didn’t procrastinate so much…. Then, I am the greatest one to start one project, get bored, put it down, and start something new. That’s not to say I won’t pick the first project back up, it just may be a few months or even the next year before I do.

I would love to know what causes people to be that way, I can’t be the only one…or can I?

Well, I guess I’m still putting off getting out the trash bags… I better get going, it’s not going, this house isn’t going to clean itself!

Hope you all have a great day!!!

What a beautiful day!

Any day we wake up in the morning, we need to thank our higher power. I happen to believe in God. I know he is with me every day. I wonder many days why I go through some of the things I go through, and I think he isn’t there. When in reality, I know he never leaves me.
Is it a test? If so, I’ve probably failed, miserably. Is it to make me stronger? Hmmm, don’t think that’s working either. Is it to make the doctors think? I really don’t think that’s working. hahaha Who knows? I don’t think any of us know why we have to go through the medical issues we have, or the physical issues, or any problems we may have. I don’t believe we will know until we are supposed to know. Now, will that be in this life? I don’t know. But I do believe that when we are supposed to know, we will. In the mean time, I believe we have to enjoy what we have.

When I say “enjoy what we have”, I don’t necessarily mean material things. I mean friends, family, food, a roof over our head, and things like that. There are so many people out there that don’t have so much as food to eat, a place to sleep, or anyone to turn to. How much trouble would it be for us to give them a sandwich from home or a dollar meal off the menu while getting our own sandwich? I don’t know about you folks but I know I have plenty of clothes that I don’t wear. I keep thinking that one day I’m going to fit in that pair of pants or that jacket that has been in my closet for years. I have extra blankets where I have changed my colors in my bedrooms. What am I saving them for? I can surely give them to someone who needs them more than my closet. I can fill that closet with plenty of other things I’m not going to use!

So many people say, “Well, they can get a job just like the rest of us”. Well, maybe they have tried to get a job. Maybe they lost their job due to downsizing, then lost their home because they couldn’t pay the mortgage. You have to have an address to get a job. If you don’t have a phone, an employer can’t call you. Not everyone that lives on the street chooses to be there. Yes, I know there are those that end up there because of drugs and alcohol but even those people need help to get back on their feet. It still isn’t going to hurt any of us that can help them to do so.

If all of us just try it, you will be surprised at how good it will make you feel. Just doing something little for someone else will make you feel so much better. Just like a smile is contagious, so is helping our fellow-man. Just try it, you may like it.

Friends…Can’t live without them.

I watched a news clip this morning on CBS about the men coming home from the service, and missing being in the war zone. At first, I was stunned. How in the world could they miss that? How could they want to go back? What in the world did the war do to them?
Then he went on to say how they slept shoulder to shoulder for so long, the camaraderie, the brotherhood. They protected each other, talked with each other and were always there for each other. When the men got home, that was “lost”. This was and has been a terrible adjustment for many of our men and women returning home to us.

I think about this and I think of my own life. I am a member of a group of writers, publishers, editors, that I have “adopted” as my family. Many in this group have not only prayed with me, for me, and about me but talked to me, cried with me, and just listened to me complain.  Others have encouraged me, pushed me, and complimented me.  I have not met any of these people in person but I have talked to many over the phone, through facebook and emails or text messages.  I really can NOT imagine my life with out them.  I have to mention a few of you gals, but please folks, know that this is just the tip of the iceberg, I couldn’t dare list everyone;  Kim Emerson, Jane Carroll, Dianna Petry, Brenda Perlin, DeEtte Anderton, Tammy Burns, Rebbekah White, and just so many more.  Please know you are ALL so very important to me.  Don’t think for one minute that if you name isn’t listed that I don’t love you just the same.

Anyway, I just understand more each and everyday just how very important it is for all of us to have people we can call “friend”.  Not just our family, they have to love us, don’t they?  People that you associate with on a daily or weekly basis, those that you have work in common with or try to (hehehe), are so much more a part of your life than an outsider can understand.  I don’t know about you folks, but I can’t/don’t want to live without you!  Thank you all.

Thank goodness it’s Monday

Mabel, sitting at the kitchen table with her coffee, was humming like a bird as I walked in looking like I had lost my last friend in the world.
“What in the world is wrong with you?”, she asked. I told her for heaven’s sake, didn’t she realize it was Monday?
“Of course it’s Monday, and such a wonderful day it is.” I just looked at her like she had two heads. I asked her if she was kidding me or if she had bumped her head.

Oh boy, that was all it took. I knew her look. She had talked with Bertha and I was getting ready to get and ear full.

You know Bertha and I were TALKING on the phone today. We don’t do that testing. It’s texting Mabel, not testing. Well, whatever it is. We talk. How you people know what you are trying to say is beyond me. You can’t stop long enough to listen to each other. But that’s another subject.
Why do people hate Monday’s? Sunday starts the week. Monday is just another day. Why can’t you be glad that you woke up this morning? What is the difference between today and tomorrow? So you have to go to work. Can’t you be glad you have a job? What about those poor people who go out everyday searching and searching for any job they can get? They would be happy to be able to go to an office with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

I had to stop and think a minute. Things could be so much worse. I can pay my bills. I do have food in my belly, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, gas in my car, shoot, even a car to drive. Why am I complaining.

I gave Mabel a kiss on the cheek. Thanks Mabel, will you call Bertha for me and thank her? I need to get my shower. I have to go to work!

I’m so glad I woke up today. It’s going to be a wonderful Monday!

Why, Why, Why???

Will someone PLEASE, PLEASE tell me why the human race gets upset over some of the strangest things?
It seems that I am always being tested. I try so hard to stay up beat, happy-go-lucky, supportive, funny, and all those sort of things and lurking around the corner will be that one little irritating comment, one little “you are going to be the blunt of this joke”, type thing that will get me every time. I fall for it every single time. I can’t help it that I was brought up in a “cocoon” as my husband says. I don’t understand some of the meanings of some of the 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s songs, sayings, or “initials”. I’m about like my son used to say when he was young, “Mom, why can’t people say what they mean?”.

You know, even as an adult it is very hurtful. So, if it is hurtful as an adult, how do you think it is for a child? Isn’t this what we call bullying? I understand that it isn’t done to “hurt” the persons feelings but when you have people laughing AT you, (there is a difference between laughing AT someone, and laughing WITH someone), it hurts. These are people who are supposed to love you, and truthfully they do. They really don’t mean any harm.

I truly believe, when as adults, they don’t mean it to hurt you. They just don’t get it. I don’t think they think. They can’t believe that you could be that old and live through so much and not understand something that even they understand. But guess what??? Some of us just didn’t listen to that type music, read that type book, watch that type television. Our parents raised us in a different type home. That doesn’t mean they were right and your parents were wrong or vise versa. It was just a different way. Everybody is different. Everybody is not brought up in the same way.

Please, the next time you want to “make fun”, “have a laugh”, think about how it would make you feel. Put yourself in that person’s place. I guess it’s like my father always said, “BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SAY!”.